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Written by Gemma on November 17, 2020

Winter Days: Diy Home Decor Tips For This New Year

Do you want DIY decor tips for this new year? Here are some useful tips for you, try out this and get the best results. To inspire you on the eve of the holiday season, we decided to collect original and simple home decor techniques. This will not take much time and effort, but they will give you an awesome atmosphere.

5 DIY Home Decor Tips For Winter Days

5 DIY Home Decor Tips For Winter Days


A decorative wreath is a real symbol of winter holidays: it immediately conjures up thoughts of festive evenings, snow-covered streets, and fragrant mulled wine in the company of family and friends.

You can dwell on a minimalistic version consisting only of fir branches, or you can give free rein to your imagination and find a luxurious wreath with a garland. You can make your own by complementing the finished wreath with miniature toys and even flowers. Such decor will look beautiful both upon entering the apartment and on the wall for winter days.

Animal figures For Winter Days

One of the most spectacular winter holiday décor traditions is the reindeer figurines used to decorate the front lawn. If the celebration of the New Year will not take place in the country, such a sculpture can be place at home. Glowing options look especially impressive on New Year's Eve, they will definitely become the center of attraction for the party.


Multi-colored winking lights transfer you to a fairy-tale world and instantly make your home more comfortable.

Due to the variety of models, garlands can be use not only for decorating a Christmas tree but also for decoration. For example, decorate a window with them large lanterns will look good along the perimeter of the window frame. The entire opening can be cover with a "rain" of small lights. In this case, the number of lights due to reflection will double.

Besides, for decoration, you can use a garland of fir paws, decorate with lights that are fix above the window or the front door.


Candles are a classic festive accessory, and for good reason - in the reflections of living fire, everything seems magical and mysterious for winter day. Several candles of different sizes on a windowsill or shelf will create an unforgettable romantic atmosphere. And if you want guests to be in a festive mood upon entering the apartment, light a scented candle with the scent of apple and cinnamon or orange.


Fluffy blankets, soft carpets, and pillows can also create a festive mood, especially if you choose the right color scheme. White, cream, a combination of green and red are the shades that will help make the interior New Year's. Also, do not forget about prints: snowflakes, deer, Christmas trees and other cute symbols are indispensable for themed decor.

These simple tips are guaranteed to help you quickly and easily give your apartment a festive and cozy look. Choose a ready-made option or use any as a basis and supplement it with your ideas and do not be afraid to experiment! After all, New Year is also the most creative time of the year.

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