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Written by Gemma on December 22, 2020

What Is The Easiest Way To Clean Rattan Furniture Indoor?

Rattan furniture of chairs, armchairs, loungers, and tables, most of which are made of wicker. This braid can be made of real, natural rattan (wicker cane of the rattan palm) for indoor use. Or it can also be made of synthetic rattan for the garden and terrace. 

The typical wickerwork surface is very uneven and full of gaps, regardless of whether it is made of synthetic rattan or real rattan. That makes cleaning a bit of a challenge. Also, natural rattan furniture indoor is sensitive to too much moisture, UV radiation, cold and heated air. With our care tips, however, you will quickly master the problem related to your rattan furniture indoor.

Rattan Furniture Indoor

How Do You Clean Rattan Furniture Properly? Which Cleaning Products Are Useful For Cleaning Wicker Furniture?

Regularly clean rattan furniture indoor:

Dirt, food scraps, lint from pillows, or, in the outdoor area, plant scraps and cobwebs can easily settle in the fine mesh. Therefore dry cleaning the furniture is important. Simply use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. A dry, soft toothbrush can also be helpful for cleaning up the small cracks.

Cleaning and maintaining natural rattan cane:

If you want to clean wicker furniture made of real rattan, you have to pay attention to the following. Rattan must neither get too wet nor dry out too much. Then only it looks beautiful for a long time and is durable. It is ideal to wipe the furniture with a damp cloth every two to three months in addition to the usual dry cleaning

With the help of a soft brush and soapy water, you can remove the heavy soiling in the rattan furniture indoor. Also, it is important to always wipe with clean water and to rub the furniture dry. Therefore, the natural material quickly becomes brittle through extreme heating air.

Rattan Furniture Indoor for your home

For example, if a rattan armchair is right next to a heater, it should be sprayed with water from time to time. Special cleaning agents such as spray wax and rattan care oil also have a caring effect. At the latest when the wicker furniture starts to creak, it needs moisture and care. So make sure to take care of your rattan furniture. 

Care tips for poly rattan furniture indoor:

Wicker furniture for the garden or terrace is not made of the delicate, natural rattan wickerwork. But it is made of poly rattan which is called to be plastic wickerwork. With a little care, they can withstand the elements for a long time. They are best kept under a canopy or cover in winter. In spring, they are then put outside again, brushed off and vacuumed, and then wiped with a damp cloth with soapy water. 


Even if poly rattan garden chairs etc. are considered to be very insensitive, do not use an aggressive high-pressure cleaner to sharpen the furniture. Because the braid can be easily damaged this way. If you want to take good care of your synthetic rattan furniture indoor and keep it beautiful, treat it to a rub with a special plastic mesh cleaner once or twice a year.

This protects the rattan furniture against UV radiation and other weather influences. Also, it effectively removes any dirt that garden furniture is exposed to outside.

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