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Written by Gemma on December 17, 2020

Vintage Rattan Furniture Care: How Do You Properly Care For Rattan Furniture?

Rattan and wicker are high-quality, unique natural products. They are obtained from the trunk and shoots of African or Asian Calamoideae palms. Their wood has a porous cell structure. The filigree woven vintage rattan furniture is, therefore, wooden furniture. 

Vintage Rattan Furniture Care

Just like oak, and walnut, rattan furniture also has special requirements for cleaning and preservation. Therefore, do not use a sponge and all-purpose cleaner to care for rattan furniture. Here you can read helpful tips for your vintage rattan furniture.

When Is There A Risk Of Contamination For Vintage Rattan Furniture?

Rattan is a versatile material for a wide variety of furniture uses. Vintage Rattan Furniture is not only used as garden or terrace equipment in the outdoor area. But it is also used in the room and is exposed to dirt from dust, crumbs, splashes, and fibers. Good care will greatly extend the life of rattan products and keep them looking new for a long time.

Vintage Rattan Furniture is placed in an outdoor area such as a garden or balcony that is particularly exposed to dust, plant matter, and pollen.

They must also be protected from excessive sunlight, fading, or moisture. If possible, rattan furniture should not be left outside permanently and should be covered with a protective cover if necessary.

The surface structure of the rattan is very special. Unlike smooth furniture or upholstery, the fine wicker material, with all its unevenness and small gaps, offers dirt particles and lint in areas where they can get caught. This makes them difficult to access when cleaning the surface. But that sounds more complicated than it is. With a few tricks, Vintage Rattan Furniture care can be done quickly.

Which Is Better For Vintage Rattan Furniture: Dry Or Damp?

Rattan furniture must not be allowed to dry out from the sun or dry heating air. However, the sensitive material suffers from excessive moisture as well as from dryness. A good mediocrity is needed. So you should care for the Vintage Rattan Furniture about every three months by wiping the material with a damp cloth and impregnating it.

Rattan Furniture Care

Which Care Products Do I Need?

To damp clean your rattan furniture, use a mild soapy solution, and wipe with clear water. There are also special products for wicker furniture care like rattan care oil, which should be applied twice a year. It keeps the material supple and well-cared for a long time. And also with the help of little spray wax, you can treat the furniture to extra care in between. Then all you have to do is rub with a dry cloth.

Vintage rattan furniture that is very close to a heater tends to dry out. Therefore rattan lacquer can help to preserve the material. At the same time, a coating with a special lacquer for rattan furniture maintenance provides waterproofing protection against moisture. The specialty of rattan lacquer is its flexibility. The lacquer film does not tear even when the treated surface is stressed. When applying you should make sure that no dirt gets under the paint or care oil.

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