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Written by Gemma on December 2, 2020

There Are Many Different Types Of Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Are you searching for rattan furniture? Do you want to know how many types are available in rattan outdoor furniture? Then, have a look at our article for more information. 

In this article, you will find the main types of rattan used to manufacture our rattan outdoor furniture. Rattan is sometimes confused with reed and bamboo. Reed is a water plant and not suitable for furniture. 

Rattan is also often confused with bamboo. However, bamboo is hollow inside and sometimes there will be little confusion to find rattan outdoor furniture.

Generally, all types of rattan are solid and rattan is also a liana in which the winds through the trees in the jungle are nowadays often combined on (tree) plantations. However, here we are going to describe types of rattan and its features. Keep reading!

Three Types Of Rattan Outdoor Furniture


Quality differences do occur within the various rattan types. Some have hard stems, others soft stems. And some other varieties are more porous than others. These characteristics determine the durability of the furniture and what the furniture exactly was made.

The roots of several types of rattan are so-called rhizomes (rhizomes that grow horizontally underground and emerge here and there). As a result, during felling, no soil erosion occurs. There will not be any requirements for the new sowing.

Therefore, this type of rattan furniture will not affect the environment and is eco-friendly.


Rattan has also been cultivated on plantations in Indonesia since 1850. Since the creeper needs support from a tree to thrive, this provides additional forest and habitat for other plants and animals.

For example, one of the largest orangutan populations in Borneo lives on a rattan plantation. Cultivating rattan on a modest scale in their orchard will helps the Small farmers. they can also earn a little extra money.


The economic value of rattan also helps to protect the rainforest. It offers people an alternative to logging as merit;

it grows back quickly, is easy to harvest, requires simpler tools, and is easier to transport. 

Moreover, rattan needs trees to grow faster, so it will be less likely to get to the forest itself.

For the environment and also ecologically and socially this type of rattan outdoor furniture is responsible. In fact, for both nature and the local population rattan is an important product.

Rattan Maintenance

No maintenance is required for all types of rattan if you are going to use it as indoor furniture. Whereas, in rattan outdoor furniture little bit of maintenance is required.

It is a myth that it would be necessary to keep your rattan outdoor furniture moisture.

Rattan furniture that is regularly exposed to the rain does require maintenance. The paint layer wears out due to weather influences. 

Clean with soapy water. And let it dry well for minutes. And then varnish again with a good clear outdoor varnish or boat varnish. For a long time you will keep your furniture beautiful .

Do not use aerosols, this lacquer is much too thin. This is not the unique you are going to rattan outdoor furniture for all types of furniture. Therefore, a little bit of maintenance is required. 

I think the above information will meet your needs. After reading our article, start purchasing the rattan outdoor furniture.

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