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How do I sharpen a kitchen knife? – A guide

Having the right tools enables one to keep kitchen knives sharp and in great shape. This enables you to use them with great easy, also makes them reliable. Most knives are made of steel and become blunt due to constant use and might be your worst enemy in the kitchen. Well, then how do I sharpen a kitchen knife?

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Furniture and More: Seven Bedroom Furniture Essentials

Furniture and More: Seven Bedroom Furniture Essentials

Bedroom is the place where you retire after a whole day’s work. This is the place where you get the maximum comfort provided you have some essential pieces of furniture that add to the comfort of your room. We have listed here the bare essentials for any bedroom that will make that room apt for its use, which is resting after the hectic day!
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1. Comfortable Bed – The name bedroom itself shows the importance of bed in this room. There are various bed designs available out there, which can be explored to fit into your room size and offer you sleeping comfort as well. The beds can be selected from options like canopy bed, bunk bed, low height bed, pillar bed, or simple king size bed depending on the room size and individual taste.
2. Mattress to suit your sleeping curves – Mattresses were earlier considered to be the block of cotton or foam placed on the bed to make it soft enough to sleep. The entire concept of mattress has changed over years as people realized that it plays the major role in sleeping comfort. Selecting the right mattress would almost change your life as it will offer rest to your body and mind during nighttime which will offer you the energy to work during day time. These mattresses match your body curve so that you get the cradle like comfort in bed.
3. Pillows and Cushions – Again these are the most important companions of bed and mattress. Some people are so conscious about their pillows that they make it a point to carry their pillows in the bag whenever they have plans of staying overnight in the hotel or at friend’s place. Even if you don’t carry your pillow along everywhere, make it a point to have the best quality pillow on your bed so that you are rested well whenever at home. The pillows are available for side-sleepers, back-sleepers, and also for those holding some unique sleeping habits.
4.    Nightstand to hold your bed time knickknacks –There are many bed time knickknacks that you remember only after going to bed. It is quite tiring to get uponce you have gone to bed and there comes nightstand as savior. The nightstand with drawer would hold your night cream, bed time medicines, your favorite book, and almost everything that you need before going for sweet night’s sleep.
5. Lamp on each side of bed – This sounds quite a simple suggestion but many people miss out on this. Having a lamp on each side of the bed gives the freedom to those sharing the bed to keep the lights on as per their convenience.
6. Wardrobe and Dressing Unit – These are bare essentials for any bedroom. Dressing unit can be skipped for the kids’ bedroom but wardrobe is must for all as it holds everything starting from your clothes, accessories, to footwear.
7. Bookshelf – How about having a bookshelf in your bedroom! The idea is to pull a book whenever you feel like having some bedtime reading endeavor. It will also keep you away from your gadgets at least at bedtime.
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These are the furniture essentials and other than the above seven you may not forget to accessorize your bedroom with clock, rug, curtains, and a resting chair if it fits in the space.

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Best Budget-Friendly Ways to Spruce up the Decor of Your House - Cushion covers and more!

Best Budget-Friendly Ways to Spruce up the Decor of Your House – Cushion covers and more!

If you plan to bring a new style or a completely new look to your home, then it is not necessary you have to spend too many bucks from your pocket. There are simple and cost-effective ways that can help you transform the entire look of your home. These ways vary in style, design, pattern and size and can add new life to your home.
You can spruce up the overall ambiance of your house with all or any of these options to deliver your home an alluring persona. Whether you want to add a pinch of subtle style or a dash of a bold statement, you can opt for these easy ways to create a home décor that is of your personal interest.
With a wide assortment of up holsteries available in the market, planning a new and an attractive look for your home would be so much convenient and budgeted. Upholstery varies in textures, patterns, designs and colors, and you can always pick elements that you wish to add to your space.
While you can always go for ethnic Indian prints to give a traditional touch to your house, there are also extensive varieties available in the contemporary range. You have to be more focused while selecting the upholstery fabric in order to pick one that caters well your regular lifestyle requirements. For straight line interiors, you can plan an interior with a fusion look.
Cushion Covers
Cushion covers are great elements of interior décor that are appreciated and adorned in almost every house. From your living room to bedroom to even your kid room, you can play with the cushion art in any space to add your personal touch. You can go simple or add contemporary zeal to your house with different types of cushion covers.
For a simple home, using bright colored cushion covers can bright up the entire space. Contemporary cushion covers are ideal for homes with modern interiors or one close to it. If you intend to add a stunning look to your house, then plan an interior that is absolutely unique and mesmerizing with a blend of your personal taste.
Although curtains are most of the times neglected, but actually these are important elements in the interior décor of a house. With changing times, blinds have become the first preference for home décor as they add more convenience to a home. However, the classiness and warmth of the curtains can create a great difference to your interior space.
Curtains are available in varieties of fabrics. You can select from silk, georgette, velvet to printed, cotton and other exclusive options. Combining plain curtains with printed ones can enrich the experience of your house. Another trendy way is to mix and match blinds with curtains. It would also be a unique way to spruce up your house!
Rugs are not just playful items of an interior décor, but can actually brighten up any space and depth to your house. If you want to add more dimensions in your area then introducing rugs in your home décor is an amazing way!
Just like upholstery, even floor rugs are available in arange of options.You can opt for soft color if you wish to accentuate a furniture piece in your home, but out and right, you can also play well with dark patterns and colors. Dark colors act as focal point in a room, and so your floor rug can be the next thing of attraction in your house. So, make sure to not just check for the color, but also for its pattern and design.
Bed Linens
Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your bedroom if you really wish to impress your guests. Just like any other space, even you need to deck up your bedroom with interesting elements that can help creating a charismatic allure in the most personal area of your house.
Besides having a balanced color tone in your bedroom, you must check your bed linens or bed covers. Bedsheets play a vital role in toning up the interior of a bedroom, and an exquisite one acts like a cherry on top of the cake. So, pick for bright and colorful bed covers to glam up the look of your bedroom, or otherwise you can select bold, contemporary patterns for that perfect modernized zeal.
Paintings and Sculptures
Another budgeted way to spruce up the look of your house is inculcating paintings and sculptures that suit your personal taste. The sculpture is a great way to develop a personal connects with your house décor. If you are inclined towards traditional artwork, then you can get them from a reputed online store like metroliving.co.in.
For a bold and captivating look, you can adorn your house with contemporary artifacts in your living room, dining space and even parts of your outdoor area. A dancing sculpturesor welcome paintings are great options that would never make you go wrong. You can even include items from your vintage collections that would deliver an absolutely unique flavor to your interiors.
Wall Art
Bare walls in a beautifully decorated house seem like a sore thumb. So if you wish to transform your interiors then don’t forget to dress your walls with some fine elements of ethnic artwork that is soothing to the eyes and pleasing to you as well as the guests.
For an adventurous interior look, you can redo your walls with wallpapers, murals, stickers and beautified artworks. Over the years, splendid wall art has been introduced by designers that can glam up just any space or wall of the house. You can even go with textured paints that are unique and lasting and go perfectly with any sort of interior. The best thing about textured paints is that you can have them done on any wall of any room of your home.
An interior makeover is incomplete without proper lighting. No need to go with the conventional string lights, as there are numerous varieties available this time!
Try adding lamps not just to beautify, but even light up an area. The design and color of the lamp can add a defined look to space, and hence, can accentuate the overall persona of your interior space. Chandeliers, printed lampshades are ideal for those who have an inclination towards the traditional touch. You can plan to light in your house based on theinspiration of any another house. For a contemporary look, you can introduce modernized and trending lampshades in your house. An interesting way could be to give each room of your home with a different zeal and hence light it up accordingly.
Home Accessories
There are various online home decor accessories available these days, which you can inculcate in the interior décor of your house. Earthen pots, hand-carved idols, wooden panels, silverware, and idols of Indian gods and goddesses are some amazing ways that can be introduced to spruce up the décor of your house.
These are superb ideas that can blend perfectly with traditional as well as modern interiors. These elements can be placed in any corner and work as acost-effective way to enhance the beauty of an entire space or a corner. You can even place appropriate idols at the entrance to showcase a more welcoming ambiance. If you have a biggeroutdoor area, then such spaces can be enhanced with theintroduction of such idols and accessories. For trending options and better deals,you can always check at online stores.
Lastly, if you have a couple of more bucks to spend, then think about creating an all new false ceiling for your house. If not for entire home, then you can get it done in your living room or an area where most of your guests are seated.
This is a slightly tricky section, and so you would need professional assistance to get the job done. Before finalizing the design and pattern, you can do online research and an intense survey of the prices. It is imperative to get the job done within your budget line and in your preferred way. These days, false ceilings are also planned with carvings and paintings. You can, therefore, check for various patterns before finalizing the ultimate design.
Each segment aforementioned has its own importance in the interior division. So, if you wish to spruce up the interiors of your home and that too without spending too much, then you can either go with few of these ideas or with all of them. Just keep it unique by adding your own personal flare!

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