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Written by Gemma on December 8, 2020

Rattan Garden Furniture Purchase Advice

High-quality garden furniture can be found anywhere, whether on large terraces, narrow balconies, or large lawns. But you have to choose the right piece of furniture for every taste and every garden style. The living area is outsourced under the open sky.

So that in summer you can doze off in loungers, play with the children on the beanbag or have a barbecue with friends in the outdoor lounge. 

Romantic gardeners will find happiness in rustic garden benches and sets and enjoy the view of the greenery. Rattan Garden furniture makes it possible for us to enjoy the hours of sunshine to the full. And you can just lean back without thinking about everyday life.

Which Rattan Garden Furniture Is Best For A Modern Lounge?

In any case, they are part of the current trend of cozy lounge furniture that relocates the living room area to the garden, terrace, or beams. Lounge garden furniture is characterized by its properties close to the ground, wide armrests, and soft seat cushions and promises absolute comfort. 

Pastel and nude colors are particularly elegant and blend in with the natural surroundings. Of course, individual color accents can be set with pillows and covers.

The lounge garden furniture is made of weatherproof materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, teak, and wicker. It can also be used all year round. Rattan garden furniture and the artificial and easy-to-maintain alternative poly rattan are still popular.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Where Can You Set Up Garden Furniture Particularly Well?

Create A Social Space

Whenever you spend time in the garden with friends and family, garden furniture is essential. Rattan Garden furniture, lounge furniture, garden benches, and even two folding chairs or sun loungers placed side by side encourage conviviality. And also it invites you to have breakfast with the first rays of sunshine or to grill in the late evening.

You can create a place to sit together with an open tent, an arbor, or a fireplace around which you can place benches. You can also fill up smaller areas on the lawn with gravel, set them with lawn edging stones. Or lay a parquet floor to set up a garden furniture set. 

If a small path leads to the recreation room created then you have to plant many herbs and flowers next to it, nothing stands in the way of a short vacation in your own home.

Find Protected Areas

Rattan Garden furniture is set up individually, such as garden benches, taller plants, or stone walls in the back area. Also, it can be set up like plant troughs or a small side table on the sides. The protection in the back, even if it is only a tree trunk. Therefore it allows us to keep the garden under observation and to feel a feeling of security.

Create accordingly protected areas for the rattan garden furniture. Then create a space between beds and hedges. You can also find a shady group of trees or place a 2-seater bench against the house wall.

Look For Proximity To The Water

Already the Feng Shui teaching says that water makes energies flow. In that, we find harmony and inner balance. Therefore, if you have a pond, one water feature, or have a stream in the garden, it is advisable to set up the rattan garden furniture nearby. 

Loungers, lounge chairs, or a rocking chair in the company of water invite you to pick up a book, blink in the sun and bring a touch of vacation to the garden.

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