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Handcrafted Hidden Mountain Incense Burner


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Handcrafted Hidden Mountain Incense Burner

The Vogue Interiors Hidden Mountain Incense Burner is an authentic piece of functional design. This unique product is a beautiful addition to any home and allows you to enjoy some of the finest incense that traditional cultures have to offer without worrying about harmful chemicals or the effects of pesticides. The handcrafted nature gives the product an organic feel and makes the overall design incredibly stylish. With incense included, this product makes for a great gift to spread the message of serenity anywhere.

Handcrafted Hidden Mountain Incense Burner

The incense can be hidden inside the body of the burner, when the smoke comes out you can see the mountain forming in the top part of the Hidden Mountain Incense Burner, creating a truly magical and beautiful moment.

Choose your letter engravings on the Handcrafted Hidden Mountain Incense Burner

Choose a custom letter engraving on the side of this Handcrafted Hidden Mountain Incense Burner

Are you looking for a gift for that someone special? We offer one letter engraving on the incense burner, if you choose without letter engraving we will add in a symbol of a mountain on the side. Perfect for incenses, the hidden mountain incense burner is a stylish incense burner made from wood in the shape of a carved mountain. It is handcrafted with natural materials and finished in natural oil. It features an open-scoop top for better airflow, and includes a matching lid.

How to use the Incense Burner

This incense burner is handcrafted from a single piece of raw wood, making it a truly unique and authentic addition to any home. The handcrafted nature gives the product an organic feel and makes the overall design incredibly stylish and comfortable. This incense burner is made from an indigenous tree that grows in Africa, called the sandalwood. The sandalwood tree grows very slowly, therefore it takes 10-12 years to produce this incense burner. The lighter wood of the two is made from Canadian maple, the wood takes about 2-5 years to grow to the size and smell we desire in our products.

Handcrafted Hidden Mountain Incense Burner

1. Take off the solid wood cover

2. Pick up the transparent mountain

3. Take out a incense from the storage

4. Light the incense and lay it on the fireproof cotton

5. Put on the mountain lid and enjoy this piece of art


  • 13cm x 3.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Comes with incense of Sandalwood that burns for 25 minutes
  • Handcrafted based on Chinese traditions

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