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Foldy Cocktail Glass


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What makes these cocktail glasses so interesting is that they're made from thick glass that's been folded and twisted into strange shapes, then given a coat of lacquer. Each glass in Vogue Interiors has a unique shape and texture. You can’t find them anywhere else but in Vogue Interiors!
Foldy Cocktail Glass
The folded glass is a great way to add a subtle yet striking touch to any table setting. It's made by rolling the glass in order to get it into the right shape and then folding it back onto itself.
It’s important to add a fresh twist to your next night out with our unique, contemporary Foldy Cocktail Glass. You can use it for everything from drinking water to serving cocktails and even for roses.
The design of our glass was inspired by origami paper, which is a Japanese art that involves folding paper into different shapes. We wanted to take the concept of origami and apply it to cocktail glasses.
Foldy Cocktail Glass

The sleek lines of a cocktail glass combined with the fun and function of a folding glass make for a beautiful, modern design. If you’re entertaining guests at home or going out for drinks, the Foldy Cocktail Glass is a great item to have because it’s so versatile.


  • 210ml cup size, perfect for a cocktail!
  • The glass is 77mm wide at the bottom, 105mm at the top and 160mm tall
  • The product is handmade, so some bubbles and imperfections will appear same with small color changes!
  • Eye-catching design, this will for sure be the center of attention!
  • Perfect gift for someone special!

Foldy Cocktail Glass

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