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Written by Gemma on December 14, 2020

Printed And Rattan Curtains As A Decorative Element

Colorful Window Curtains

Choosing a curtain color is the key. Especially when it's cold and gray outside, a strong splash of color on the window immediately brightens your mood and gives your living space a pleasant and lively atmosphere. Roller blinds in particular look great when they are kept in a bright color and form a contrast to the rest of the design of the room. A colored rattan curtain or colored roller blind has a refreshing and invigorating effect in simply furnished rooms or apartments in a rather cool industrial style.

Rattan Curtains With Motif

The latest trend in window curtains is large, eye-catching motifs. Whether graphic prints, animal motifs, or other designs. A motif curtain makes a clear statement and gives your apartment the individual touch you want. Rattan curtains with large prints and motifs are particularly effective in modern living rooms. Some of the models complement the rather restrained but very contemporary furnishings in terms of shape and color and clearly show which type could live here: young, modern, urban.

Traditional Window Curtains

You can choose classic curtains because it gives more beauty to your home. There are many beautiful, traditional window curtains to choose from, beyond the latest trends in window design. Classic white, semi-transparent blinds can be combined with colored and opaque decorative scarves. The soft blue curtains look classy. The baroque patterns on the high-quality fabric give the curtain and the entire room an incomparable character between classic and modern. It also looks very elegant and luxurious.

rattan curtains

Rattan Curtains In The Bedroom

Curtains work similarly in the bedroom. Rattan Curtains made of thick and fluffy textiles provide additional soundproofing for quieter nights and also block out some of the wintry colds that creep through the windows in old buildings. 

Tip: With curtains for the bedroom, pay attention to dark tones or especially opaque coated fabrics in order to be able to optimally darken the room.

Rattan Curtains As Room Dividers

Rattan curtains or sliding curtains are great as decorative room dividers. Opaque sliding curtains, with which you can quickly separate a certain area. If necessary, you can also reunite. Since such curtains are available in many different designs and real themed walls can be created. Some of the designs like The dune landscape in a beach look, the New York skyline in an industrial loft, and much more.

Cleaning Rattan Curtains: You Should Pay Attention To This

Exhaust fumes from outside, food vapors or even cigarette smoke cause problems for every curtain over time. Regularly washing all the curtains in the home is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Therefore, pay attention to its properties when buying the curtain which is appropriate for easy-care, dimensionally stable curtains with good folds.

A little tip: Freshly washed rattan curtains can be hung up while they are still slightly damp. They hang out thanks to their own weight and are nice and smooth. However, you should spin heavy curtains made of dense fabrics and consider the additional weight when hanging them up that now affects the curtain rod, dowels, and screws.

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