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Written by Gemma on November 10, 2020

Modern Home Improvements: Tips For The Best Baby Room Decoration!

Is it almost time and do you want to start with your nursery decoration? This article is bursting with inspiration for your nursery. Read on quick!

Different styles of the interior for your nursery

We start this article with the main pointer. Colors are just colors. Pink isn't just for girls, blue isn't just for guys. Girls can be the toughest pirates, boys can be the most magical fairies. Make your nursery the way you like it!

Starting with a general concept is always a good idea for Modern Home Improvements. You can send your follow-up design here. Will it be a castle, a pirate cave, an adventure land, or a sea of cuddly toys? The most important thing is for your baby to feel comfortable in his / her own room. Since children only develop their own taste later, safety comes first when furnishing a baby room, and your taste afterward!

Light pastel colors make your baby room calm

With a combination of white and pastel colors, you create a nice and relaxed atmosphere in your nursery. Use white as the base color of the nursery and choose 2 pastel colors for walls, ceiling, or floor. Complete this light style with matching furniture and accessories in white or light wood. The veins of the wood give the room a natural look.

Modern Home Improvements

Nursery wall decals, photo prints or framed photos to match the colors of the room are all great options for decorating. You can also print and hang one of your favorite quotes. The sky's the limit when it comes to wall decoration!

Speaking quotes on the wall for Modern Home Improvements

You probably already knew that you can print photos, but did you know you can also print slogans and quotes? It's super easy too!

Use written text in Word or Powerpoint and save it as a PDF document. You can then convert this PDF document to a JPG photo with our photo converter toolbox. Your quote is now ready for the designer! So you see, life doesn't have to be difficult.

You don't have to work with separate photos, of course. You can also simply choose to cover an entire wall with a photo. You can easily do this yourself with photo wallpaper. If a whole wall is a bit too much, you can also use adhesive foil for doors or windows, for example.

It is important to remember that you hang photos in such a way that your child cannot accidentally knock them off the wall when he/she becomes more mobile. All hanging systems are safe, but the hanging height of the photos is always good to keep in mind.

Photo inspiration for your nursery to make your Modern Home Improvements

With all those choices, it can be difficult to make the right one. Below are a few tips!

The name of your child is printed and framed in beautiful letters and pastel colors.

A framed poster with a photo for kids.

Photo wallpaper of a children's movie or the name of your child.

Adhesive foil for doors or windows with a photo or text (custom).

A homely atmosphere with family photos

Create a homely atmosphere with photos of you and your partner. In addition to wall decoration, you can also display souvenirs from the family.

Let's face it, taking care of a baby is one of life's finest tasks, but it's not a sweet scent 100% of the time. Choose photos that put a smile on your face, so that you can shine again in more difficult moments.

 Inspiration for a homely atmosphere

A large photo on canvas with the whole family gives a superfamily atmosphere. A 'baby belly' photo of the pregnancy is also a strong idea.

Laugh! A sea of smiles creates a positive atmosphere. Not just your house, but your mood as well.

Heart-shaped photos give a space a loving feel. Take your favorite photos and have them printed in heart shape.

Modern Home Improvements

Photo collages for different photos: create a collage with all your beautiful photos. Perfect for when you just can't decide! You can do this with the collage maker. Be careful not to put too many photos together - babies don't have an eye for such great detail.

A photo book to discover: make a photo book especially for your baby and place it on a low cupboard in the nursery. As soon as your child is old enough, he/she will love to browse through this. This way the whole family is always close by.

A children's room in the nature-adventure style

With just a few small adjustments, you can easily turn an empty room into a room that screams pure nature! Think of mountains, the sea, landscapes, or jungles. Don't get too crazy in terms of colors and stick to pastel, you must sleep in this oasis!

For decorating a nature nursery, it is best to choose furniture with a natural wood look, so that it fits perfectly with your photos. Accessories such as binoculars or a lamp in the shape of an airplane are a perfect match.

Nature is bursting with super cute animals, but cuddly toys are more interesting for a baby. You can take a panorama photo of all his / her stuffed animals and hang it on the wall?

As you can see, the options for decorating a nursery are endless, and not one option is wrong! Unless they help pay for the rent and sleep in it, the opinion of others about your nursery shouldn't matter.

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