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Written by Gemma on November 9, 2020

Little Things DIY: 6 decorations for a child's room that every toddler will love

Arranging a child's room is one of the biggest challenges that parents face and you must know little things DIY. We advise what decorations and accessories to choose so that it is not only fashionable but also functional.

A child's room has many functions: it is both a place to play, rest, and learn. This is where the toddler spends a large part of his day and this is where he should find items that will support his development. Remember also that things in the room should not only look nice but also be of good quality and serve it daily.

It might seem that reconciling all these aspects requires considerable effort on the part of parents. However, these are only appearances! Properly selected accessories and decorations for a child's room are the keys to success. Here are a few little things that every toddler will love.

Caches for all your treasures think of this little things diy

Caches for all your treasures think of this little things diy

In each child's room, we will find a lot of toys and small items that, if not properly managed, can quickly introduce chaos into the room.

How to control it? Providing the child with several boxes and crates that will facilitate the organization and storage of all treasures. What's more, thanks to them, learning to clean and maintain order can turn into great fun. After all, which of us would not like to turn into a pirate hiding precious objects or an archaeologist organizing his discoveries?

Colorful frames and pictures

As a general rule, avoid placing too many dark accents in the children's room. They can be overwhelming and just too serious for the little ones - after all, their room is supposed to be their favorite place on earth. However, if you cannot replace dark furniture with more cozy ones, choose bright, colorful accents in the form of walls or accessories.

To cheer up the interior of a child's room and give it a unique character, make sure that there are colorful pictures and frames in which you will display family photos and works of art by your child.

Importantly, this type of decorations will allow you to easily change the theme of the room, keeping up with your toddler's changing passions.

Lamps driving away fears with these little things diy

The children's room should be a space where you can not only play and learn. It is a place that should give the youngest tenants a sense of security. If your child is afraid of the dark or has problems falling asleep, it is worth thinking about buying a small bedside lamp that the toddler will be able to turn on whenever he is anxious.

Installing it near the bed can solve the problems with sleeping through the night, allowing both the child and parents to sleep well. A lamp in the shape of a star, teddy bear, or clouds during the day will be a unique decoration of the room, and after dark it will turn into your child's sleep guardian, effectively scaring away all monsters from the wardrobe.

Tent or a canopy, i.e. a zone for children only

Every toddler dreams of his private kingdom, to which only he and possibly carefully selected guests will have access, e.g. a favorite teddy bear. After all, it's a great place to play, read books, and make plans for the next voyages into the unknown.

The device of such a corner will allow you, for example, a canopy or a small tent. Inside, put a few soft pillows and a small lamp that shines warm light around you. In this way, you will get a children's play center that your child will not want to leave.

The center of little things diy: the desk

Regardless of whether your child is already attending school or has this adventure ahead of him, there should be a desk in his room that is tailored to his needs. After all, this piece of furniture is not only for learning but also for fun and developing creative passions. Where else could a toddler create his artistic projects and constructions?

When arranging a child's room, remember that a desk can also successfully be a room decoration. A colorful piece of furniture in a fancy shape will cheer up any interior, giving it a unique character.

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