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Written by Gemma on November 6, 2020

Little Things DIY: 9 Simple DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

9 Simple DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Are you searching for any quick decorations which you can do by yourself for DIY Thanksgiving? Don't worry we give you lots of fantastic ideas to encourage you to involve in DIY thanksgiving ideas. Have a look at further ideas and tips.

Tips And Ideas For Little Things DIY

1. Transform a pumpkin with a twig into a turkey  


Now you can get ready for the thanksgiving dinner. It might not be the right time to cook turkey yet, but with a beautiful DIY turkey centerpiece, you can continue decorating the table. I like the rustic feeling of the cute fall craft that brings imagination.

2. Turn small gourds and pumpkins into candle holders

Now, here's a significant last-minute project for decoration which is trendy, comfortable, fun to create, and amazingly long-lasting. Small gourds are the optimal model to match any tea light, candle holders, or shrink candle. You also can organize an entire lot of pumpkins from small to big for a variety of presentations.

3. Simulate a blazing sunburst with this thanksgiving corn husk wreath

You no longer buy the crafts from the shop, so here's a craft that's going to "wow" your guests from the time they arrive! Add luxurious, cottage flair to your house this winter with a Christmas tree made only of plastic containers from the grocery store. You'll love the natural rice husk of tan corn and the gentle colors of the harvest.

4. Gold styled table runner for Thanksgiving dinner

Here's an interesting way of dressing your table in only a roll of brown paper and colored pencils for a Thanksgiving dinner! Is it looking fancy? Then you did the job correctly.

5. Give your home an autumn sparkle with these simple DIY plant lights

All it requires is a string of fairy lights, a set of beautiful summer leaves and you can change color for your doors, stairs, or mantel. During the holidays, they're colorful and enough to spruce up your living room but common enough to hold up after the series ends.

6. Offer your home comfort and charm 

In a typical fall decor, this rustic but modern sign effectively adds vibrant color. The paper feather dipped in gold looks so pleasant and festive! You don't think they should move like a perfect Thanksgiving garland, too?

7. Make this Thanksgiving with some cool little felt turkey magnet

Keep your children busy by bringing them into crafts with this thanksgiving work. They'll love putting these together with only a few basic materials, and you'll love showing them on your fridge! They'll make perfect presents as well!

8. Bring a little glitter around the living room with DIY falling leaves

Whether you're looking for a nice project to do with your children, then this is a really kid-friendly project, and extra hands are going to come inconveniently. Who doesn't love glittery stuff? This project is really worthwhile for home decor.    

9. Wheat bundles are a convenient way of adding a harvest

This decor for DIY is a showstopper! Bundles of wheat cones are really handy because they can stand alone but you wouldn't even have to buy a vase.

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