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Written by Gemma on October 15, 2020

Interior Lights: Top 3 Ceiling Lights For Home

Do you know which interior lights will bring elegance to your home? Specially designed interior lights for ceiling will also be used for a specific space, such as rooms, restaurants or hotels, living rooms, dining room, pubs, clubs, etc.

A main function of these light installations is providing illumination for the mission, environment or accent. The forms, models, sizes, materials, and decoration features of a light fixture available on the market can easily be viewed.

So, you just had to maintain three major things in mind before buying these light fixtures to clear doubts to pick up the most suitable one.

Type – There have been 2 major categories of interior lights available in the market includes:

  • Hanging Lights
  • Mounted on Ceiling

Material: The interior light made from glass, fabric, crystals and metal that you'll have to select according to your requirements. 

Ceiling Height- You need to pick ceiling lights of small strips for low ceiling height.

Types Of Interior Lights

1. Groeien Pendant Lamp For Interior Lights

Groeien Pendant Lamp For Interior Lights

This Groeien light is looking like a pendant varies in different sizes and gives a classy and antique look. The installation of such an interior lamp is hard-wired and not made of glass or plastic, but this is made of iron.

It is particularly useful in areas such as an island kitchen, staircase, family room, hallway, restaurant, stair way, entrance hall, as well as other relaxing areas. This lamp requires 340 W with a maximum energy consumption.

Product Information:

  • Color – Black
  • Number of Lights – 3
  • Measurement– 10 X 10 X10 cm
  • Material – Iron metal
  • Length of the Chord – 1 feet
  • Size – 26H X 13W & upper part is 4 cm
  • Weight – 200 grams
  • Type of the Bulb – Edison Bulbs

Things We Enjoyed:

  • This is a lovely (for decoration) fitting, hanging, light but not suits for walls.
  • Simple to install and worth purchasing.
  • Iron metal might well offer this interior lights an antique and rustic look.
  • To improve the look  it brings a unique look with elegant finished lights.

2. Crystal World Crystal Glass Chandelier Ceiling Lamp

Crystal World Crystal Glass Chandelier Ceiling Lamp

With or without lights, this Crystal World Crystal Glass Ceiling Lamp Chandelier appears very stylish and gorgeous. This customized glass with such a superior design of high quality would take a fresh look to that spot.

This lamp is made of 61 strings of crystal beads and 54 magic ball bottoms, 8 mm octagonal glass beads and stainless mirror plate to create elegant style, bright and convenient for your home. The height of lamp is 25 cm and width of lamp is  57cm 

Product Information:

  • Type of Bulb – LED
  • Color – White
  • Diameter – 30 mm
  • Height – 25 cm
  • Number of LED Lights – 4
  • Material – Glass Bead & Crystal Chandelier
  • Mass of the Chandelier – 1.9 kg
  • Width – 57 cm

Things We Enjoyed:

  • Manufactured with quality that lasts a long time.
  • With a glass ball and an octagonal glass ring, it looks attractive and lovely.
  • Fine-finished stainless mirror cover.
  • 4 LED lights will make it bright in the room.

3. Us Dzire Hanging Interior Lights

Use Dzire Hanging Interior Lights

The hanging lamp is composed of 1 cover, 1 lever,  2 screws, 1 bulb , 4 grips that can be adjusted down and up as needed. This is made of HDF wood of the finest quality, which is solid, durable and compact.

With trendy designs and colours where a small lamp could occupy an usual size space. They used the type of B22 holder, but for better results you may use an E27 bulb and even 360 degree delivery bulb. 

Product Information:

  • Type of Bulb – Incandescent, LED, CFL, Filament LED, B22 Bulb
  • Lamp Length – 33 cm
  • Color – Natural Wood Teak
  • Lamp Height with cable – 78 cm
  • Width  – 33 cm
  • Color – Natural Wood Teak
  • Material – Wood
  • Weight – 449 grams

Things We Enjoyed:

  • With HDF, it's sturdy, robust, lightweight, and lasts forever.
  • Simple to install, worth for the money.
  • Attractive quality with sleek style and perfect for anywhere to hang.
  • As per customer requirements, height may be changed.

We hope that the above information will be useful for you. If you are going to choose these types for your interior lights then read our article carefully.

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