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Written by Gemma on December 15, 2020

Ideas To Clean Rattan Wicker Furniture Properly

Rattan wicker furniture is a real eye-catcher, both in the house and in the garden. But wicker furniture requires special care when it is used as patio furniture. It should be treated in the same way as much more robust teak furniture. In this article, we have put together a few tips for you.

The Fascination Of Wicker Furniture

Rattan Wicker furniture simply has a very special charm. Their artistic workmanship makes them an eye-catcher and their slight flexibility makes them particularly comfortable seating.

If you combine chairs made of wicker with a pretty glass table, you have created a very classic, stylish ensemble that spreads a relaxed holiday mood.

It fits particularly well into a country-style atmosphere and is often combined with white textiles. Such patio furniture is also wonderful in a winter garden, which is a popular addition to the living room at home.

Furniture made of wicker is available today in a wide variety, for example as a hammock. They are most beautiful when they are made from real lianas. The natural beauty of which the plastic poly rattan simply cannot keep up with.

Can Wicker Furniture Also Be Used Outside?

There is special rattan garden furniture that is of course treated and impregnated accordingly when you buy it. However, you should avoid exposing this garden furniture to the elements without protection. 

In contrast to garden furniture made of teak, these pieces cannot remain outside in rain, sun, and wind. Also, it cannot be cleaned of dirt with a high-pressure cleaner. However, if you always keep it protected and if you are careful when cleaning rattan furniture, you will enjoy your rattan wicker furniture for a long time.


Cleaning Rattan Wicker Furniture- This Is How It Works Gently

Rattan garden furniture must be cleaned regularly when it is used in the garden and not just in the sheltered conservatory. Since wicker furniture is a purely natural product. So you should proceed carefully and avoid the use of too much moisture.

Coarse dirt such as dust or leaves is best removed with a hand brush. Or it is much easier to clean with a vacuum cleaner on which you have attached a suitable brush. 

Of course, a duster can also be used. If you like to use microfiber cloths, you should use a different cloth when cleaning rattan wicker furniture. Because small fibers from the cloth can get stuck on the basket. Then have to be laboriously removed again.

Cleaning And Maintaining Wicker Furniture And Preserving Its Beauty

Cleaning wicker furniture is of course not enough. Because even if the wicker furniture has not been exposed to direct sunlight, it will lose its natural beauty and shine in the long run. No problem, because there are special care products that are precisely tailored to the needs of this wonderful piece of furniture! 

Rattan furniture is best maintained with a special rattan spray or oil. Also, it increases its resistance when used in the garden. It brings back the subtle shine of the material. Therefore, it acts as a natural protective layer by penetrating the wicker furniture and thus sealing the pores in a protective manner.

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