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Written by Gemma on November 11, 2020

DIY home decorations For 12 Dollar Cheap And Simple - do it yourself

A stylish decoration does not have to be associated with large expenses. Many interesting ornaments can be made by DIY (_Do It Yourself_) and that too for 12 dollar cheap and simple. Such designs are usually inexpensive and allow you to give a room a unique, personal touch. Their preparation is a great opportunity to use your creativity. It is therefore worth playing an artist and decorating the interior with works of art of your authorship.

You do not need to have special skills to create aesthetic and eye-catching decorations. Such solutions usually do not involve huge financial outlays. Usually, the materials you need are at your fingertips, and you only need to buy a few inexpensive accessories. Of course, the cost varies with each project. Many DIY ideas don't require extra expenses as everything you need can be found in your own home.

Do it yourself with 12 dollar cheap and simple from paper

A very versatile material for making DIY decorations is plain paper. This cheap material is extremely popular among lovers of all kinds of artwork. It is suitable for practically everything from painting to carving.

Examples of paper decorations with 12 dollar cheap and simple

Lamp-shades: They can be made using the origami paper folding technique - step-by-step patterns are available on the web. Also, the paper can also be cut into any patterns and joined in the shape of a ball with glue. Cutting openwork patterns will allow you to get an interesting effect of light and shadow on the walls. It will give the interior a romantic atmosphere.

Decorative garlands: Paper chains are decorations that are suitable not only for the Christmas period, as many people believe. They will prove themselves throughout the year. Just cut a few shapes out of colored paper, attach them to a string, and hang them wherever you want. Blotting paper is also great for use, making it possible to obtain many interesting forms - flowers, balls, fringes, and many more.

Three-dimensional sculptures - this is a very effective DIY decoration that is easy to prepare. And to make it, all you need is colored paper, scissors, and glue. The cardboard should be folded so that lumps are formed, which are then glued to the wall side by side. From such modules, you can get impressive structures that will delight each visitor.

Magazine collages - if you have a collection of old illustrated magazines, you can use them to create an image. Just cut out the photos you like and arrange your compositions. The picture of the frames prepared in this way hangs on the wall.

DIY a way to create atmospheric lighting which can be around 12 dollar cheap and simple

DIY lighting decorations

In addition to the above-mentioned paper lampshades, there are many other DIY ways to illuminate your interior effectively. Old Christmas tree lights, for example, can be used as a year-round decoration. Examples of Christmas lighting decorations include:

Lamp from the jar - lights put into the old jar will beautifully illuminate the room at dusk. The more interesting the shape of the container, the more interesting the whole will look. Glass bottles will also work great in this case.

Luminous letters - to make such a decoration, it is enough to cut out the appropriate shape from the cardboard. Also make small holes along the edges, for example with a ballpoint pen, and then insert the lamps into them. So these letters can be used to form the entire inscription, which will be a perfect addition to the bedroom.

Hula hoop chandelier - if you have such an unused gymnastic item at home, you can DIY an original chandelier from it. Then wrap the wheel with decorative tape, and then attach the lights along the rim. Evenly spaced strings gathered in the center will hold the entire structure.

The aforementioned jars are perfect for lampshades and lanterns. You can also prepare from them, for example:

Terrace lighting - just put an LED candle into an empty jar. An additional decoration will be pasting the glass walls with a decorative colored napkin. Then the illuminated pattern will cast a color glow on the floor. Therefore the lamps made in this way can be placed on the balcony, terrace, and along the garden path.

Lanterns - an interesting idea for this type of decoration is a "water" lantern. Just fill the jar with water and put a candle on its surface.

Do it yourself with everything you have at hand! That can just be 12 dollar cheap and simple

To make DIY decorations, you can successfully use all the materials that are available at the moment. Just look in the tool cabinet or sewing kit. Ordinary copper wire can be formed into any shape - for example, to make a fancy sculpture. Use a wooden plank as a base and attach the ends of the wire to it. If you care about something functional, you can, for example, make a wire one like jewelry in the form of a tree or a hand.

A technique that originally uses this material is macrame. Moreover, it consists of tying the string with special knots. This method can be used to make items such as:

  • tapestries (i.e. decorative fabrics that can be hung on walls or furniture),
  • cup pads,
  • hanging flower beds,
  • toolboxes,
  • decorative bags.

If you have a lot of colorful buttons at home, you can thread them on a wire or string to create a hanging ornament. Eventually, the whole will look beautiful in combination with decorative ribbons. So the buttons will also be original material for creating a small picture - just sew them to the fabric or stick them to the cardboard in any composition.

Green DIY

Plants for many are an indispensable element of interior design. For them to look beautiful, they must be not only healthy but also planted in an aesthetic container. Contrary to ordinary shop pots, those made by hand with the DIY method - do it yourself - will give the interior a unique character.

Here are some inspirations.

Metal cans - just paint such containers, matching their colors to the interior.

Unused mugs or cups - succulents will feel very well and look in such a pot.

Glass jars - these dishes work well in the kitchen, for planting herbs. They do not need to be painted, transparent ones will catch the eye with their originality.

Old Toolbox - This container can replace a regular flower box. It will look great on a terrace, balcony, or garden.


A decoration that is gaining in popularity is the so-called "forest in a jar" and as a composition of small plants enclosed in a glass vessel. Such a miniature garden is easy to make yourself, which is worth doing due to its unusual appearance. Therefore, the DIY decoration can be made in two versions - open and closed, and also it depends on the type of plants used. Also, you can find instructions on how to make such decorations on the Internet.

DIY interior decoration doesn't have to be a difficult task. All you need is a little willingness to make interesting decorations. As there is no shortage of inspiration on the web, and with the help of your imagination, you can easily create something unique. At last DIY decorations are a great way to save money and with 12 dollar cheap and simple tips that will certainly bring a lot of satisfaction.

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