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Written by Gemma on October 26, 2020

Custom Gaming Chairs: Various Types Of Gaming Chairs

Playing chairs are available in two types. The first built gaming chair is for a PC which represents a high-backed chair with such a metal plate fix on streamers and swivels.

The second is designed for platforms (X-Box, Playstation, etc.). These depict sleek, modern loungers or reclining seats, which can also be very low to the floor.

Both styles are equipped for exceptionally long-lasting seats with much better greater comfort and lumbar support than the traditional chairs or armchairs that attract them and also can feature a range of "special features" like cup holders, etc.

This type of chair is specially made for children for playing. Instead of going to the PlayStation, your children can sit comfortably in your home and you can start playing with your buddies. Here we list some of the custom gaming chairs that you may like

Types of Custom Gaming Chairs

  • Pc Gaming Chair
  • Pedestal Gaming Chair
  • Racer Chair

PC Gaming Chair

Pc Custom Gaming Chair

Firstly, the most popular custom gaming chair in this field is the PC gaming chair. It represents the swivel office chair and is best for gamers also playing PC games. The PC gaming chair is already design to boost performance. However, it delivers better gaming knowledge or experience with similar designs to those used in racing car seats. 

It also provides supreme comfort and durability over the countless hours spent sitting on it. This PC gaming seat has locking casters, length, and reclines adjustable features. It also comes along with special features including comfortable rear seats, excellent headrests, and wood support.


  • Offers optimum comfort.
  • Provides better lumbar support as well as other vital body areas.
  • Easily customizable for user tastes.
  • Provides excellent endurance particularly for gamers that spend long games.
  • Encourages proper seating on a PC for relaxed and healthy gaming.
  • Offers faster gamer rotation and movement.


Does not suit certain all gaming because it is clearly designed for PC gaming.

Pedestal Custom Gaming Chair

Pedestal Custom Gaming Chair

Secondly, Pedestal chair incorporates a swivel, a recliner, and a rocker chair. Slightly elevated, it sits on a pedestal basis rather than legs, allowing it to rotate and rock. Like the reclining chair, the pedestal custom gaming chair can also be rotate and lounge to the gamer's desire seating position. It includes an adjustable backrest, armrests, and armrest. There are many small platform seats with extra features, such as race accessories, built-in speakers, and playing accessory stands, based on the gamer's needs.


  • Most relaxed
  • This helps the player to better access various gaming equipment.
  • Better support to the ground for gaming consoles.
  • Adaptable to gaming needs.


They have little casters for additional travel and it has to limit access.

Racer Chair

Racer Chair

A racer chair is primarily established to accommodate for racing games, just as the name implies. Authentic leather and Acrylic leather are the most prevalent materials used in producing these. Although most forms the basis of the PC gaming chair that carries on a lower place style closer to that of motorsport. This vehicle leather seats with more comfort, cushioning, and flexibility. 

These not only provide maximum comfort during gaming, as well as the best durability during extra shifts of use. Although the simple gaming seat provides armrests, casters, reclining, swiveling features, and height adjustment. All of these characteristics are basically intend to completely replicate the real racing atmosphere.


  • It's really comfortable.
  • Easily customizable to the favorite choices of the gamer.
  • It detects the racing atmosphere extremely well.
  • Robust and strong.
  • Involves better sitting posture and adjustment if the gamer becomes exhausted.


Highly personalized only for racing games.

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