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Our love for curves

Our mirror was inspired by the 1970s italian design mirror of Ettore Sottsass that costs up to $12,000.
We are wired to feel an attraction to round shapes. Be it Comic Sans or the short-lived story of single waves, being driven by the power of the sea, hitting the sand of the beach.

Curves and waves give us a sense of safety and calmness. Our CURVY mirror combines the elegance of waves forming into a frame with the beauty of the curvy shape. There’s more to our mirror than just those few seconds making sure your hair is in shape. Certainly, a mirror allows you to see yourself. However, this is not its primary use. To us, CURVY serves as a rather effortless way of making a wall livelier or illuminating a room, as if there were a window or a lamp that is always on.
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  • "I think this is a great mirror, just what I was looking for. Appears to be good quality/ heavy. Luv it so much I had to order another 🥰"
    Michelle A
  • "I love it Arrived in a good shape and good packaging Very different and I love it"
  • "This mirror is a beautiful addition to our powder room. Very pretty finish that happens to go well with my light fixture. It's decorative and yet not over the top."
    J. Allston

Curvy is the new black

Wavy decor was recently named the top design trend of 2021, 5,296% more people look to buy curvy mirrors - as reported by Etsy, one of the biggest online marketplaces.

And they're not the only ones calling it hot.
Top magazines say it too...
"Instagram is Obsessed With These Curvy Mirrors"
"The Future of Interior Design Is Soft and Squiggly"
Who ever owns this mirror is a person who has taste, is interesting to be around, and is open minded, looking beyond their porch and into the horizon to different countries, cultures, and someone who can truly appreciate the classics. This person isn't boring, but rather adventurous. That's why they have so many friends, they see that person as different in a good way, and this decor piece reflects that, sometimes you yourself need a reminder of who you are, well we give you this... the CURVY mirror - to do just that

As seen in:

As seen in

CURVY - Vintage Vanity Mirror


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